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Forty First Annual General Meeting Minutes

on Wed, 2016-10-12 19:41


Minutes of the Forty First Annual General Meeting of the Westcott Village Association, held on Wednesday 14th October 2015 at 7.45 pm in the Hut, Westcott.

Present: About 60 members with Mr A Segal in the chair.


Apologies for Absence: Mr & Mrs J Deloford, Mr & Mrs H Parry, Mrs A Lewis, Mr & Mrs D Andrews, Mr & Mrs A O’Hare, Mr & Mrs J Clachan, Mr & Mrs D Johnson, Mr & Mrs A Meldrum, Mr & Mrs G Mcintosh, Mr & Mrs H Willis, Mrs B Van Loo and Mr & Mrs P Dawkins.

1 The Chairman welcomed Hazel Watson SCC, James Friend MVDC and Alan Pickering of the Forum Committee.

2 Minutes

The Minutes of the Fortieth Annual General Meeting of the Association, having been circulated were taken as read and approved for signature.

3 Annual Reports & Accounts.

The Accounts were received and approved. David Webb thanked Hugh Parry, the Independent Examiner for all his help in preparing these accounts. He reported that subscriptions were up due largely to the efforts of Street Stewards. Also some £200 had been raised by the WVA at Westfest by selling Books, Bottle Tombola and Cakes made by Committee member Sandra. A grant to the Little Doves of £1500 was the major expenditure.

David wished members to remember Rupert Trim who had audited the accounts for 30 years and who had passed away recently. He also thanked David Boyce who had helped him with the accounts. David Webb on his resignation as Treasurer for some 35 years was presented with a gift.

4 Election of Officers and Committee Members.

The following were elected:

  • Officers

Chairman - Mr A Segal

Hon. Secretary -  Mr T J D Gowing

Hon. Treasurer -  Mr D Andrews


  • Members

Membership & Street Stewards - Mr A Meldrum

Planning - Mr T J D Gowing

Village Diary and Gatwick - Mr A Barnett

Gift aid Secretary - Mr A Meldrum

Countryside Protection - Mr E Wilde

Cycle Matters - Mr A May

General -         Mrs S M Ede

Mrs S Winch

Mr D Webb

Mr A Lewis


  • Ex-Officio Members

Westcott Ward MVDC - Councillor J Friend

Dorking Hills, SCC - Councillor H Watson

Independent Examiner - Mr H Parry


5 Any Other Business

  • The Chairman thanked Al Barnett for his work in keeping us up to date with Gatwick affairs and attending GACC meetings.

  • He thanked All Street Stewards for their help and in particular officers and members of the Committee.

  • Forum/ Neighbourhood Development Plan. Mr Pickering (Chairman of the last Committee) reported that the final draft was being tweaked and James Friend added that the final plan approved by MVDC would be sent to an independent inspection before a vote in the village in early autumn 2016.

  • Parish Council. It was decided to form a sub-Committee headed by Edwina Gordon who together with volunteers would examine the implications of a Westcott Parish Council.

  • The Hut. The Club had closed but the Hut was doing quite well. Bookings were up, the roof had been fixed with a grant and there were plans for the kitchen. Car parking was still a problem but there was no possibility of converting the bowling green in answer to a question from the floor.

  • James stated that MVDC had taken over from SCC the cutting of verges and hedges. This prompted Roger Bishop to query the cutting of the grass at the junction of Milton Street and the A25. The green areas outside the Indian restaurant and opposite the newsagents were also in need of maintenance. James said that all three areas would be discussed with the council to ascertain ownership.

  • Constitution changes. Copies were distributed to the members highlighting the amendments. A unanimous vote approved these and Tim would forward the revised copy to the Charity Commission.

The AGM ended at 8.30pm and was followed by a presentation “Westcott’s Health Profile” by Jenn Smith, Senior Public Health Lead, Surrey County Council.


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