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About us

People have been living in and around Westcott for more than a thousand years. Farmers, shepherds, swineherds, the miller, the blacksmith – all through the centuries such people have laid their mark upon Westcott and have moulded it into the village that we all know and love. In more recent times Westcott has grown into a substantial village of more than six hundred homes, yet preserving a rural atmosphere alongside the convenience of nearby shops, towns and good transport facilities.

The Westcott Village Association was founded in 1974 at a time when many residents felt that the essential character of the village was being seriously threatened by urbanisation and the ever-increasing volume of traffic. It determined that its Aims & Objectives should be:-

● To encourage the preservation of the charm and rural character of Westcott village and surrounding areas.
● To promote public interest in the care and conservation of the village green, footpaths, open spaces, trees and woodlands, ponds, streams, lakes and areas of open countryside.
● To preserve, develop and improve features of general public amenity or historic interest.
● To monitor and encourage high standards of Planning with use of good design and suitable materials in building.
● To work with the statutory bodies as necessary to support and achieve the aims of the Association.
● To encourage the collection of, and care for, any items or records of local historical or archaeological interest which can be handed to the Local History Group for safe keeping.

The Association needs the support of every resident in Westcott to safeguard our village whenever and wherever it is threatened. This is achieved by way of the small Committee and a team of Street Stewards who will consider every suggestion or observation that any villager cares to make. Its commitments are met by a membership of several hundred households who have all paid a voluntary subscription. As an organisation it has built up a good relationship with the regulatory bodies, in particular Surrey County Council and Mole Valley District Council. The Association acts very much like a Parish Council, but without the compulsory Council Tax levy on each and every rate payer that such a body would require.

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