About WVA

Westcott Village Association is a registered charity and an apolitical organisation run by a committed group of volunteer residents who are passionate about preserving Westcott’s rural charm and character and ensuring that Westcott, in the Surrey Hills, continues to be a great place to live and work. 

We undertake the majority of the functions of a Parish Council, but instead of levying a charge on your Council Tax (which could be as much as £25 per annum), we ask for voluntary household contributions.

We work hard to maintain and enhance all aspects of the village environment and our community resources, dealing with issues affecting the village including planning, noise, highways, countryside matters and funding for items that will benefit the community. 

Your annual subscriptions to the WVA have over recent years been spent on things like

  • The Defibrillator kit outside the Village Shop
  • Achievement awards at Surrey Hills All Saints Primary School
  • The new benches on Westcott Heath
  • Sponsorship of a young resident representing Great Britain in martial arts competitions
  • Cricket equipment for the Westcott Sports Club Ladies team
  • Equipment sponsorship at WestFest
  • Rethatching of the Bus Stop and Dovecote on the Village Green
  • Youth Club equipment
  • Funding replacement memorial benches on Westcott Heath to commemorate those who lost their lives in an Air Raid on Westcott during WWII on the 4th January 1944
  • Contributing towards the Lest We Forget British Legion Silent Soldier which now stands proudly in the village by the A25 on the approach to the church
  • Sponsoring annual awards at Surrey Hills All Saints School

The WVA has also, with the County and District Councils,

  • Organised the new Zebra Crossing Lights
  • Arranged speed calming measures on Balchins Lane
  • Installed “Dog Poo” bins around the village
  • Arranged Litter Pick events around the village
  • Represented Villagers’ views on planning and parking applications

The WVA is currently working to find ways to build

  • A new Doctor’s surgery
  • One Village Hall to meet the needs of the whole village

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