About WVA

About us

The Westcott Village Association (WVA) is a voluntary group that strives to support the community, preserve Westcott’s rural charm and character as well as create a great place to live and work in the Surrey Hills. Our website and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and NextDoor will keep you up to date with what’s on, the latest news and events, information about local services and businesses as well as details about local planning issues.

All residents of Westcott over 18 years of age are considered members of the Village Association and are encouraged to attend open meetings to express their views, receive updates and vote on issues arising.  A voluntary subscription of £10 a year per household is actively encouraged and all the money raised goes towards supporting causes that benefit Village Residents and the environment in which we live. Members who provide their email addresses will also receive regular updates via email as well as an annual newsletter. We promise never to sell or share your email address with anyone else and will only use it to communicate with you about the WVA.  To sign up or give a voluntary contribution, please click on the Contact/Join Us link in the main menu. 

We prefer members to pay their voluntary subscription by annual Standing Order arranged with their bank or via PayPal subscription as it saves time and manpower.

There are regular Open Meetings throughout the year including an AGM to which all are invited.  All Minutes from these meetings and also any closed Committee Meetings are posted onto the WVA Website for everyone to read, so you will always know what’s topical and has been discussed.

WVA 2023 Dates

Agendas and Minutes of all meetings including closed Committee meetings are made available on the website under Agenda & Minutes for all to view

Open Meetings

  • Wednesday 15th March 2023 7.30pm at St John’s, Furlong Road, Westcott
  • Wednesday 6th December 2023 7.30pm at St John’s, Furlong Road, Westcott

Annual General Meeting

  • Thursday 29th June 2023 7.30pm at Holy Trinity

Closed – Committee Meetings 

  • Wednesday 18th January 7.30pm at St Johns
  • Thursday 16th February 7.30pm (informal) at PoW
  • Wednesday 29th March 7.30pm (informal) at St Johns
  • Thursday 18th May 7.30pm at The Westcott Village Hall meeting room
  • Thursday 13th July 7.30pm at The Westcott Village Hall meeting room
  • Thursday 7th September 7.30pm at The Westcott Village Hall meeting room
  • Thursday 2nd November 7.30pm at The Westcott Village Hall meeting room