Our Objectives

The WVA (Charity Number 285790) was originally established in 1974.

In 2019 the Village Association updated its constitution by forming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to better reflect its current and future role in serving the residents of the Westcott Ward.

The new Charity – the WESTCOTT VILLAGE ASSOCIATION (Charity Number 1185622) – has a new constitution which can be found on this web site under Constitution 2019.

The new OBJECTIVES of the Village Association (extracted from the Constitution) are as follows:

3.1    The objects of the WVA are for the public benefit to further such purposes as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales in the village of Westcott and the surrounding area.

3.2       In furtherance of such charitable purposes, and no further, the Trustees shall have these powers additional to those elsewhere stated in this document, which must also be exercised exclusively for the public benefit: 

(a)        to preserve, protect and/or improve:

(i)         the charm and rural character of the surrounding area;

(ii)        the existing character of the village of Westcott;

(iii)       roads, public rights of way, open spaces, trees, woodlands, rivers, ponds and lakes, and other similar features;

(iv)       features of public amenity (including the Village Green of Westcott) or those of historic interest;

(b)        to encourage and facilitate best practice with regards to road safety and highways management, particularly for the reduction of speeding, noise and illegal parking;

(c)        to encourage high standards in and/or the improvement of:

(i)         conservation, planning and development;

(ii)        community services including policing, health, education, youth work sports facilities and public transport;

(d)        to encourage the collection and care for items and records of local historical or archaeological interest;

(e)        to advance education;

(f)         to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents of the Area;

(g)        to establish or secure the establishment or continuation of a community centre or village hall and to maintain or manage or co-operate with any statutory authority in the maintenance and management of such a centre for exclusively charitable activities;

(h)        to enhance the quality of life for residents in the Area, particularly through cultural and community activities;

(i)         to encourage and support local organizations working for the general good of the residents of the Area;

(j)         to undertake such other things as are exclusively and legally charitable and which the Trustees consider will benefit the residents of the Area;

3.3        The WVA may do all such lawful acts or things as are necessary or desirable to the attainment of the objectives set out in clause 3.1 above and without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions.

3.4       The WVA may not have any affiliation with any political party but in the furtherance of these objects the WVA may invite elected councillors for the Area as ex officio observers in accordance with this Constitution to attend meetings to discuss matters relating to these objects.

3.5       The property of the WVA may only be used for charitable purposes.