Our Objectives

The WVA was originally established in 1974. Its constitution is currently being updated to reflect its current role and to establish the association as a charitable incorporated organisation. This work will be completed early in 2019.

As part of the constitution review, the objectives of the WVA are also being updated. The latest draft sets the objectives as being;

To promote and encourage, by charitable means for the benefit of the people in Westcott and its neighbouring wards, the following items;

  1. To preserve and/or improve;
    • the charm and rural character of the area
    • the existing character of the village of Westcott
    • public rights of way, open spaces, trees, woodlands, rivers, ponds and lakes
    • features of public amenity (including the Village Green) or historic interest
  2. To encourage road safety and the reduction of speeding, noise pollution and illegal parking
  3. To encourage high standards in and/or the improvement of;
    • conservation and planning
    • community services including policing, health, education, youth work sports facilities and public transport
  4. To encourage the collection and care for items and records of local historical or archaeological interest
  5. To encourage and support local organizations working for the general good of its inhabitants
  6. To pursue these objectives;
    • through its website, meetings, exhibitions, publications, instructions and publicity
    • by reflecting and publicising the views and opinions on such matters of persons resident in the area
    • in collaboration with or advising any person, body, institution or authority, wherever located
    • by assisting other charitable organisations, wherever located.