All residents of Westcott are warmly invited to join the Village Association, all we ask is for a minimum donation of £10 a year per household (paid via Standing Order) and money raised goes towards achieving our objects, supporting causes that benefit Village Residents and the environment in which we live. 

WVA’s only source of income is the subscriptions from members.  Becoming a member of Westcott Village Association enables you to receive the monthly updates by email, a copy of the annual newsletter and the opportunity to vote at the AGM.  Your subscriptions can be boosted by signing up for Gift Aid.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting, there are also four open meetings a year where all members are invited to attend and raise any issues with the committee and discuss and share views on village life.

Open meetings are all held in the village at a venue depending on the anticipated attendance, all the meetings start at 7.30pm until 8.30pm. 

Other open meetings or extraordinary general meetings may be called at four weeks’ notice.

All open meeting venues will be advertised on the website and in the Village Magazine.