Visiting Westcott

Visiting WESTCOTT in the beautiful SURREY HILLS

The village of Westcott sits in the most beautiful countryside which is the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We welcome all visitors to our village be it to walk, to cycle, or to ride but would ask you to help preserve the peace and beauty of our area by observing some basic rules as a courtesy to those who live here

  1. Please avoid parking in our village; the roads are narrow and congested by resident’s on-street parking. Leaving your car here for a whole day causes problems for residents. See the attached map for alternatives outside the village.
  2. Please keep your dog on a lead and always clear up after your dog. Dog fouling is offensive to others and carries serious health hazards.
  3. Please do not cycle on our Footpaths. Stick to bridleways and marked cycling routes (eg Leith Hill Greenway)
  4. If you ride a motorcycle please ride QUIETLY, avoid revving your engine, and always observe the 30mph speed limit through the village. A “Speed Watch” programme operates in the village and the police regularly monitor the speeds of vehicles.

Thank you for helping us preserve our beautiful landscape.

Enjoy your time in and around our village.