Future Mole Valley Timetable

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Councillor Margaret Cooksey, Mole Valley District Council’s new Cabinet Member for Planning, said: “The preparation of our Local Plan for Mole Valley is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a council, and we must get it right. It is therefore vitally important that we give ourselves the necessary time to review work that had gone before, and what is being proposed for the next stage of public consultation”.

“We want to ensure that future development in the district over the next fifteen years is in the best interests of residents and businesses alike. We will challenge the Government around the number of homes required and strike a sensible balance between new development, such as affordable housing, and protecting the countryside. We are absolutely committed to securing the infrastructure needed to support existing and new housing and other development in the district.

“With that in mind that we propose that a six-week consultation on a draft Local Plan take place during October-November this year, which will be accessible to all. Your views will be considered an integral part of the decision-making process to help shape the future of Mole Valley.”