Minutes of WVA Open Meeting on 4th July 2018

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Minutes of an Open Meeting held at St Johns Chapel

On Wednesday July 4th 2018.

By invitation of the Westcott Village Association.

Present: Mr B Broom, Mr H Parry, Mrs C Smetham, Mr A Crook, Mr & Mrs E Bennett, Mr & Mrs J Moss, Mrs A Gabb & Mrs B Hemus.

·      Mr Bennett spoke about his concerns of speeding and noise (especially motor bikes) through the village on the A25. The Committee had received a letter from Chris Cannon, Surrey & Sussex Operations  Command stating that speed monitors were being placed on the A25 and if results were sufficiently high the location would be included in the Police enforcement plan. Contrary to Mr Bennetts statement there are two blue Speed Check notices at either end of the village.  Tim Way, Chairman said he would contact Mr Cannon and  Mr Mann the person responsible for anti- social behaviour by motor cyclists. Bert Broom recommended a member of the WVA attend the regular Rural Crime Panel – next meeting was being held on 11thJuly in the council offices in Pippbrook.

·      Mrs Hemus spoke of her concern regarding the new Planning application from NYM properties for conversion and extensions to create 4 residential units in the former Cricketers PH and latterly Indigo Spice.

The application MO/1055/2018 was discussed and Tim Gowing read out a letter, part of the application which stated” The present restaurant has no parking…. There is no opportunity to provide for onsite parking”

They go on to say “we consider that the proposal (no parking) can be treated as an exception” The Committee would be examining this application in detail but in principle the failure to provide parking would mean the WVA would object to the Planning Application.

·      The subject of Parking in the village was mentioned and a discussion took place. Tim Way reported briefly that the majority of business owners and residents were against any changes to parking restrictions along the section of road between the Bakery and Balchin’s Stores. The main complaints were about cycling and walking visitors to the village parking their cars all day in vacant spots throughout the village; the focus therefore would be on trying to find out-of-village parking opportunities to relieve the pressure on parking space within the village. Tim Way agreed to take up Bert Broom’s suggestion of making contact with Rob Fairbanks at the ANOB office to discuss the matter further.

·      Mr A Crook asked for an additional emergency first aid post at the bottom of Coast Hill for the Prudential London Ride or in any case a steward with radio contact to the First Aid post on the Green.

The conversation then changed to the route and long term future of the ride. The Committee had requested a change of route for the future but in the absence of Hazel Watson, the position was not clear.

·      Mrs Smetham asked for news of the Garden development on the main road which had stood for months without progress. Tim Way reported that the developer was appointing a new builder having parted company with the first one. Recent activity in securing the safety on the site suggested that a new builder had been appointed. ·      Mrs Gabb asked what the current position was on The Hut development. Tim Way reported that it was his understanding that no pre-planning meetings had taken place with the MVDC Planning Department, but other than this there appeared to have been no further progress. The scheme involved multiple stakeholders and this undoubtedly was leading to delays. Concerns were expressed at the lack of parking as part of the plans, particularly in the part of the village most afflicted by shortage of off-road parking.