Westcott Village planning in response to the C-19 Coronavirus outbreak

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You can download the Good Neighbour flyer by clicking here

Dear Member

This letter is to update you on actions we are taking to support residents in Westcott during these unprecedented times.

Flyers will be distributed this weekend to every house in the village along with the latest edition of the Village Magazine.

Help Cards will be available if you need them from Friday at The Bakery, and outside The Reading Room, St John’s Community Centre, and at Holy Trinity Church. The school (both Westcott and Abinger sites) will have these for parents to take away when school closes Friday.

If you are willing to help please send an email to contact@westcottvillage.com with your Name, Post code, First line of your address, contact telephone number and email. We are holding this information so that we can direct help where it is needed – it will be used for no other purpose.

Our objective initially is to make people aware through the Help Cards of where to get immediate help for day to day needs like shopping and collecting prescriptions. A neighbour and people already known to those in need is the best way to spread the load across the whole community.

We have added a landline phone number for the central contact point – it is 01306 883 941
This is in addition to 07772 989 509 and the email address westcottgoodneighbour@gmail.com . We would encourage you to raise issues in the first instance by email, and reserve the contact phone numbers for more urgent or immediate questions.

Can I stress at this point that we do not have answers to everything as the situation is unfolding and we have to respond to a large extent to the Government’s daily communications. We will do our best to respond to questions and as quickly as we can.

During the current coronavirus outbreak please remember

  • Covid-19 is highly contagious – self-isolate if you or someone in your household has the symptoms
  • For general advice go to www.nhs.uk
  • Go to www.111.nhs.uk/covid-19 for more information
  • Call 111 for immediate medical advice – do NOT visit your doctor, pharmacy, or hospital and follow 111 medical advice
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Avoid physical contact as much as possible
  • Buy only the supplies you need – do not hoard or “panic buy”

We will also be using Facebook and the local social networking medium “Nextdoor” to communicate across the village.

Finally, we are aware that within the village there will be Year 13 students and those returning from University who we are sure will be only too happy as a break from studies, to help support those in need. Please encourage them to be part of the Good Neighbour initiative. As explained above, those able to help should email contact@westcottvillage.com with their name, post code, first line of address, contact telephone number and email.

Please share this email with friends and neighbours who you know may not be members of the WVA.

With my thanks for responding positively in this difficult time.

With my thanks, and best wishes

Tim Way

Chairman, Westcott Village Association