Small grants scheme

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It was in November 2018 that we received a request from Ophelia Wye, a girl guide from Westcott, asking if the WVA could sponsor her in a charitable project in Kabubu in Uganda in 2019.  During this trip, Ophelia would be helping to improve the conditions of the village by providing education, health and building services.  The committee undertook some due diligence to confirm the charitable benefits, and noting the significant personal efforts Ophelia was putting into fund-raising, approved a grant of £100. She has kept us updated during her trip and on her return, we were delighted to receive the attached summary, describing the valuable work undertaken by Ophelia and other volunteers.

At the AGM and on the website the WVA will be announcing the formal details of a small grant scheme which will cover activities such as those undertaken by Ophelia but also a wide range of other deserving causes. To read more about it click here